31 August 2007

Diabolikal Party Pix!

Long time no blog! The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal has been very busy this summer seeing that all his nefarious international schemes come to fruition! But finally here are a few photos from the SADISTIK Book Release Party last month!

A fiendish time was had by all with quite an amazing turnout that enjoyed the musical stylings of the return of the Charles E. Hall Band and the infamous Edison Rocket Train.

No, the King of Crime did not sing, but the tune "Beware: SADISTIK" by the Charles E. Hall Band was premiered and soon will be recorded! Beware, indeed!

Now we are aware many other photographers chronicled the event, so if you have any pics, send them in or suffer the penalty!

If you were one of the many millions unfortunate to miss the event, enjoy some exclusive photos!