12 October 2010


Screening 1960s Crime Comic Book Killers in Live Action Thrillers!

Diabolikal Film Weekend!

In answer to many in America and around the world who have been clamoring to see the sensational documentary THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, their dark prayers have been answered! DSK, along with a few other rare films from the Euro Super-Kriminal genre will be screened on the web the week before Halloween!

Mark Friday, October 22 & Sunday October 24 on your kalendar and bookmark www.justin.tv/wolfcat7 on your web browser to see the fun and fearful films based on the 'dark' Italian comic books of the 1960s. The festivities last from 8 PM Eastern Standard Time and run late, late into the night! The screening also includes live chat, interaction with film and comics fans and useless trivia as the films are moderated by Mort Todd (Sadistik writer and producer of the DSK film).

The movies of mayhem include:

DANGER: DIABOLIK! (1968): In psychedelic swinging 60s, the killer Diabolik (John Phillip Law) and his gorgeous accomplice Eva (Marisa Mell) wreak havoc as they go on an outlandish crime spree!. Also featuring Adolfo (Thunderball) Celi as the villainous Valmont. Beautiful direction by the master Mario Bava and stirring soundtrack by Ennio Morricone.

Danger: Diabolik Movie Trailer narrated by Telly Savalas

KRIMINAL (1966): True to its noir comic roots, Kriminal (Glenn Saxson) dresses like a skeleton to steal diamond with suave style. Full of double crosses and excitement typical of the espionage films of the day. Colorfully directed by horror helmer Umberto Lenzi.

Animated opening sequence for Kriminal

SATANIK (1968): A withered old hag turns into a beautiful young woman (Magda Konopka) after drinking a youth formula and goes on a murder spree! Notorious for her striptease sequence in a costume inspired by Diabolik! Directed by Piero Vivarelli.

Diabolik-inspired Striptease from Satanik

KILINK: STRIP & KILL (1967): One of 13 amazing films produced in Turkey and based on the SADISTIK photo comics. Kilink battles 2 rival gangs and manages to turn one against the other. All of them are after a precious microfilm and a big foreign treasure. Directed by Yilmaz Atadeniz. This title is also being developed as a SADISTIK animated series.

Various Clips from Kilink: Strip & Kill!

THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL (2007): Worldwide Web Premiere! A documentary on the controversial 1960s Italian photo novels known as KILLING, aka SATANIK in France and SADISTIK in America. Includes interviews with the original actors who were familiar faces from sword & sandal, spy, sci-fi, spaghetti westerns, and splatter films from the 1960s and 70s. Directed by SS-Sunda.

Movie Trailer for The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal

These are just some of the freaky films to be shown, along with other thrilling movie, trailers, music videos and other weirdness! October is HALLOWEEN HORROR MONSTERTHON time at www.justin.tv/wolfcat7 with rare and strange films will be shown all month... but don't you dare miss the DIABOLIKAL FILM WEEKEND October 22 & 24!

Diabolikal Film Weekend!