01 December 2007

New KiLiNK Turkish Film Pix Posted on MySpace

As my hard-core fans know, I appeared in an amazing 11 films in Turkey, mostly in the 1960s, where I was known as KiLiNK! In them I battled such luminaries as Superman, Frankenstein and Mandrake the Magician... Turkey didn't care too much about violating copyrights!

So, as a post-Thanksgiving treat, here's another heaping helping of left-over Turkey! I have just created a new album on my MySpace page with over 20 rare photos and posters from these films, some of them lost to cinema history! You'll find a female KiLiNK, a western Django KiLiNK... even a disco KiLiNK, among others!

To learn more about these films, including a complete listing of all the releases and video clips, skulk on over to the KiLiNK Section at goSadistik.com or click on the image below!

Three of these films have been released on 2 DVDs (the rest are considered lost) and they are the best ones. You can order these DVDs, with English subtitles and packed with extras and other Turkish trailer treats, from the fine folks at Onar Films and if you mention my accursed name, SADISTIK, you get 10% off! Talk about a steal!