13 December 2008


The otherwise tranquil country of Switzerland has it holidays transformed into the HORRORdays with the Swiss premiere of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Film at the CLAIR-OBSCURE FILM FESTIVAL 2008!

Steal your way in with FREE ADMISSION at Unternehmen Mitte / Safe im 1.UG - Gerbergasse 30 in Basel on the 20th of December at 2 PM!

More information about the screening and the festival of weird films at http://www.clair-obscur.ch


26 November 2008

2009 KiLiNK KRIME FILM KALENDAR! Weirdest You've Ever Seen!!

Just in time for the HORRORDAYS... The 2009 KiLiNK KRIME FILM KALENDAR! Starring the 12 Turkish Action Films of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal!

Rare photos and movie posters from these WILD flicks you have NEVER SEEN, like: Kilink King of the Psychos, Mandrake vs Kilink, Killing vs Frankenstein, The Baffled Detective vs Kilink, Kilink Murder Spree, Kilink vs the Armless Hero and let's not forget She-Kilink!

This is the strangest calendar for 2009 or EVER! Amuse and impress your friends and bum out your enemies! And for a limited time, the calendar is only $17.99 (plus shipping & handling) and available through Cafepress.

CLICK HERE to Preview the whole calendar and to order!

Here's a sample of KiLiNK vs the FLYING (SUPER) MAN from 1966 Turkey. Go to the KiLiNK page at goSadistik.com to see more clips and learn about the Turkish films of Sadistik! Get some of these films on DVD at Onarfilms.com and get 10% off when you mention SADISTIK!

Killer DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Soundtrack CD Now On Sale! Listen!

The ultra-cool record label CINEDELIC has just released a CD of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Film Soundtrack! It features 20 killer tracks inspired by everyone's favorite masked killer from an international gang of musical marauders: EL REVERENDO M, MIRCO MARTELLI / NEUROPA and the CHARLES E. HALL BAND!

The CD features a 12 page booklet with exclusive scenes from the DSK film and photo novels. Cinedelic is an Italian label that specializes in movie scores (with a rich catalog that includes musicians like MORRICONE, ALESSANDRONI and BARDOT!) and distributes in the United States, Italy, Germany, and Japan.

Go to the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Soundtrack MySpace Music Page to hear some of the wild tracks from the CD and see the Film Trailer and watch the Music Video "Beware: Sadistik!" by the Charles E. Hall Band below!

Learn more about the album on Cinedelic's web page or order the album here! THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL OST CD (Catalogue number: CDCN 15) is also available from the following distributors in the US: DUSTY GROOVE, Germany: GROOVES INC, and Japan: JET SET!

13 November 2008


The amazing documentary about SADISTIK, entitled THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, will have its first American screening at THE NATIONAL: BIG APPLE COMIC BOOK, ART, TOY & SCI-FI EXPO this Sunday, November 16 at 7 PM in New York City.


The film is the 100% TRUE STORY about the KING OF CRIME, star of photo comics and Turkish action film star, his origins and interviews with filmmakers and actors and actresses who appeared in his adventures.

The film has played to critical and fan acclaim throughout Europe at film festivals and comic conventions, but this marks its FIRST public screening in the United States!

The Big Apple Comic Book Art, Toy & Sci-Fi Expo
is at the Penn Plaza Pavilion, 401 Seventh Avenue at 33rd St. (across the Street From Madison Square Garden and Penn Station) in New York City. The screening is on Sunday, November 16 at 7 PM. Don't miss this historic event!

For more information about the Convention: http://www.bigapplecon.com/

For more information about SADISTIK: http://www.goSadistik.com/


23 October 2008

Halloween Freak Out! Weird Movies, Music & Booze! Oct 29 NYC


Mort Todd invites you to a wild HALLOWEEN FREAK-OUT Party at SWEET & VICIOUS on Wednesday, October 29 in downtown New York City!

SEE: Weird movies you've NEVER seen before! Planned films include a pile of sinister 60s films like the Turkish SADISTIK film STRIP & KILL! The Japanese OGON BAT (GOLDEN BAT) starring Sonny Chiba! Clips from the SADISTIK documentary DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL along with SATANIK, DIABOLIK, KRIMINAL and FANTOMAS! Movies will be projected in the large backyard garden and TV monitors with captioning so you can...

Clip from the STRIP & KILL film!

HEAR: Strange music spun by DJs Cliff Mott and Mort Todd! Tunes will range from 60s garage rock, punk, cool movie soundtracks and terrifically terrifying monster music! Cliff and Mort have been DJing together for years as well as being infamous cartoonists who have worked on a variety of comics and CD covers.


DRINK: Odd cocktail concoctions created by an amazing alcohol alchemist! Special new drinks on a scary scale have been created to celebrate the unholy holiday of Halloween! During the Hellish Happy Hours of Midnight to 2 AM you can get $3 Sam Adams Oktoberfest Drafts, $4 Special Shots, $5 well drinks and other bombastic beverages!

Sweet & Vicious is located at 5 Spring Street in downtown Manhattan between the Bowery and Elizabeth Street. The fear fest begins Wednesday, October 29 at 9 PM!

More info at http://sweetandviciousnyc.com/

17 October 2008

New Graphic Novel DEATH DIAMONDS with Raquel Welch '66 Pin Ups!


The NEW Diabolikal Super-Kriminal Photo Novel!

A cache of hot sparklers triggers a bloodbath when the tenacious King of Crime plots to purloin them from a cadre of gangsters, hoodlums and scheming vixens!

And how are the Monte Carlo police able to track the every move of the Monster with 1000 Masks? A movie length photo novel with primal terror, murder, sex, and vicious duplicity!

Also includes articles on the history of the SADISTIK photo novels, behind the scenes info, and a vintage piece on Raquel Welch 1,966 A.D with pin-ups!.

SADISTIK 3: DEATH DIAMONDS! is an 176 page graphic novel digest with a $9.99 cover price. CLICK HERE to order! To Download FREE 16 Page PDF SNEAK PEEK CLICK HERE!

13 October 2008

FREE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Screening Oct 29 in Torino,Italy!

THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Free Screening, Oct 29 10:30PM at the TO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL in Torino, Italy! Guests: Director SS-SUNDA, Producer ALESSANDRO ZANOTTI and Director of Photography ELISA MARITANO! Also Cover Gallery Display Exhibit! More info at www.tohorrorfilmfest.it

di SS-Sunda

Agli inizi degli anni ’60 un delitto avvenuto in questa città infiammò l’immaginazione del paese, anche perché l’assassino, rimasto impunito, spronò le forze dell’ordine ad acciuffarlo, proprio come Jack the Ripper quasi ottant’anni prima a Londra. E proprio come Jack la lettera di sfida conteneva una firma che sarebbe passata alla storia: Diabolik. Qualche anno dopo le sorelle Giussani sostituirono una K e crearono uno dei personaggi più longevi della fantasia italiana. Dalla fortuna di Diabolik nacquero negli anni seguenti una pletora di emulatori, dalle alterne fortune. Dal panorama fumettistico si distinse per la scelta del fotoromanzo e per l’audacia dei testi e delle immagini KILLING, ormai divenuto personaggio di culto.

In questo documentario l’autore analizza il personaggio e il milieu che lo ha generato, con interviste agli autori, ai fotografi, agli attori. Un piccolo viaggio nella rivoluzione dei costumi sessuali italiani degli anni del boom.
Mercoledì 29 ottobre ore 22 - CafèLiber
a seguire incontro con l’autore, il direttore della fotografia Elisa Maritano e il produttore Alessandro Zanotti


A corollario dell’evento video di apertura, Killing the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, il ToHorrorFilmFest organizza, in collaborazione con Sinepathic Films e ComicFix una mostra di riproduzioni di alcune tra le più efficaci copertine originali della prima serie di Killing, nell’edizione italiana e nelle varie edizioni uscite nel mondo con titoli diversi.
Da Mercoledì 29 ottobre a Sabato 1 novembre – CafèLiber

07 October 2008


Beware North Americans! The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL has invaded the continent and will have its first Canadian screening at the MANITOBA COMIC CON & SCI-FI EXPO, next Saturday, October 11th at 1 PM.

The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL is, of course, the well-documented 100% True Secret Origin of the King of Crime, directed by SS-Sunda. The director rounded up the actors, actresses and production people behind the infamous photo comics for interviews, including the unmasking of the mystery actor who portrayed SADISTIK! An incredible overview of how 1960s Italian culture, politics and censorship affected films and the dark comics genre that SADISTIK sprang from!

Music video from the documentary entitled "Beware: SADISTIK!"

The Monster with 1000 Masks has had past brushes with Canada and censorship before! French language editions of the bi-weekly photo novels were distributed in Canada under the name SATANIK in 1966-67. However, the French government looked down on the risque adventures and banned the book after 19 issues!

The MANITOBA COMIC CON & SCI-FI EXPO is at the WINNIPEG CONVENTION CENTRE on 375 York Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. See more info at http://manitobacomiccon.com/

28 September 2008


DIABOLIKAL SUPER-MANIA will not stop! On the front page of the entertainment section of a leading Italian newspaper, along with Andy Warhol and Angelina Jolie, is an article on a Roman screening of the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary!

Stay tuned for upcoming information on the release of the DSK Soundtrack CD and the American premiere of the film!

31 August 2008


Last week we unveiled the US version of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL film documentary poster and got many requests for a copy. We have decided to print up a limited edition of 11" x 17" posters for $2.50 (plus shipping and handling).

The movie has been hitting European film festivals and comic conventions and garnering much praise and even awards! We are talking with theatres in the US about an American premiere and when it happens, you'll hear it here first! We will also soon have an announcement about THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Original Soundtrack CD, which will be released next month from Cinedelic Records.

Also coming up: News on future SADISTIK comics in Italian and Greek languages!

If you want to be first on the block to own your own poster of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, click HERE to order!

25 August 2008

DSK Screening Aug 29 @ PESARHORRORFEST in Italy!

THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL sarà presentato venerdi 29 agosto alle ore 17:00, alla quinta edizione del PESARHORRORFEST, festival internazionale del cinema e della letteratura horror, che avrà luogo a Pesaro dal 26 al 31 Agosto.

Ospiti già confermati: MIRCO MARTELLI, EL REVERENDO M e il produttore ALESSANDRO ZANOTTI.

Altre chicche da non perdere durante le giornate del festival: la retrospettiva horror, con proiezioni in 35mm, di ANTONIO MARGHERITI, maestro indiscusso insieme a MARIO BAVA del cinema gotico italiano; l'allucinante ONIBABA (Giappone 1964), diretto da Kaneto Shindò e il delirio-trash IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Italia, 1973), di Elo Pannacciò.

Ore 17.00 “Orrende (Prime) Visioni”
Saranno presenti l’autore e il produttore

PESARO (PU) 29 AUGUST - 05:00 PM


ENG: The film-documentary DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL will be presented August Friday 29th at 05:00 PM, at the fifth edition of PESARHORRORFEST, international festival of horror cinema and literature, which will take place in Pesaro from 26 to 31 August.

Guests already confirmed: MIRCO MARTELLI, EL REVERENDO M and the producer ALESSANDRO ZANOTTI.

Other gems not to be missed during the days of the festival: the horror retrospective, on 35mm, of ANTONIO MARGHERITI, undisputed Italian Gothic cinema master along with MARIO BAVA, the allucinante ONIBABA (Japan 1964), directed by Kaneto Shindò and the trash-delirium IL SESSO DELLA STREGA (Italy, 1973), Elo Pannacciò.

PESARO (PU) 29 AUGUST - 05:00 PM


06 August 2008


A fear-filled movie-length noir chiller! In a rare moment of relaxation, the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL lets down his guard and his most protected secret is exposed! Blackmailed by a scheming pin-up model, the KING OF CRIME engages in a deadly scheme that involves dolls, drugs and death!

52 page photo comic for only $5.99! Order HERE!

Download a free 9 page preview PDF at goSadistik.com!

31 July 2008


See the King of Crime UNMASK for the first time EVER! (In Italian with English Subtitles)

Extended clip from THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL (In Italian with English Subtitles):

Coverage of the World Premier of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL at the Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival (voted Best Film Public Prize) on RAI TV in Italian:

Screening of THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL in Rome with clips and after-show discussion in Italian:

TV segment on THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL in Italian featuring some of the actors from the original photo novels and clips from the documentary:

See more about THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary at http://gosadistik.com/page10.html with updates at http://thekingofcrime.blogspot.com/

30 June 2008


After the success of the last screening in Rome (read the review in Italian), the film critic STEFANO COCCIA (our man linked to the Roman gangster syndicate) has booked a new date for THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL film-documentary! Come en masse to ESTATE ALLA SAPIENZA, a multicultural festival (tied to the ROMAN SUMMER 2008) held at the UNIVERSITY CITY in Rome (near San Lorenzo) in the spacious summer stage called FILM ALLA SAPIENZA.

At 09:30 PM (FREE ADMISSION) Tuesday July 8, 2008, the unusual EL REVERENDO M (one of the musicians from the DSK soundtrack) presents, immediately after the screening, a lucha libre match to the death between our incredible guests: SADISTIK (in the flesh... and bones) and the "Italian Tarzan" VITO FORNARI!!! Refereed by the psycho-producer ALESSANDRO ZANOTTI. The curious and exploitation lovers are welcome....
(screening promoted by "LA SAPIENZA" UNIVERSITY, CULTURAL ASS. PAN ARS and ROMAN SUMMER 2008 - www.uniroma1.it / panars@gmail.com)

ITALIAN: Dopo il successo avvenuto alla scorsa proiezione romana (leggi la critica), il critico cinematografico STEFANO COCCIA (il nostro uomo legato alla malavita capitolina) ci ha piazzato una nuova data del THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL film-documentario!!! Venite in massa all' ESTATE ALLA SAPIENZA, rassegna multiculturale (legata all' ESTATE ROMANA 2008) che si tiene presso la CITTA' UNIVERSITARIA di Roma (vicino a San Lorenzo) nella spaziosa arena estiva denominata CINEMA ALLA SAPIENZA.

Dove alle 21:30 in punto (l'ingresso è gratuito) di martedì 8 luglio 2008 il solito EL REVERENDO M (uno degli autori della colonna sonora originale) introducerà, subito dopo la proiezione, un incontro di lucha-libre all'ultimo sangue tra i nostri incredibili ospiti: KILLING (in carne e ossa) e il "Tarzan Italiano" VITO FORNARI!!! Arbitro: il psycho-produttore ALESSANDRO ZANOTTI. Che i curiosi e gli amanti dell'exploitation si tengano liberi....
(proiezione promossa da UNIVERSITA' "LA SAPIENZA", ASS. CULTURALE PAN ARS e ESTATE ROMANA 2008 - www.uniroma1.it / panars@gmail.com)

30 May 2008

STRIP & KILL! The Comic that Inspired the CULT FILM!

The King of Crime is back in another thrilling photo novel! The story STRIP & KILL inspired the Turkish cult film Kilink Soy ve Öldür (Kilink: Strip & Kill) that is also being developed as a new live action web series. This issue features a movie-length SADISTIK adventure with primal terror, sex and grave robbery and includes an article about the 12 Turkish motion pictures starring the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal with dozens of rare photos.

SADISTIK: STRIP & KILL! also boasts an all-new exclusive interview with actress TURA SATANA (star of Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and The Astro-Zombies) and a silver screen pin-up portfolio showcasing the beautiful LUCIANA PAOLI (who plays the faithful lover of SADISTIK in the photo novels).

ORDER THIS COLLECTORS' EDITION or download a free 24 page PDF preview of this comic at www.goSadistik.com where you can also see the trailer for the SADISTIK documentary THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL and the music video from it "Beware: SADISTIK!"

23 May 2008


The SADISTIK documentary, THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, will be screened at the BIZARRO FILM FESTIVAL, a fetish, S&M and bondage film festival in Alfonsine, Italy on May 30th.

Also on display will be the SADISTIK INTERNATIONAL COVER GALLERY exhibit, featuring rare covers of the photo comics from the US, Italy, Turkey, France, Brazil, Argentina and MORE! The admission is FREE and will be open from May 30th through June 1st at the film festival. If you can't make it, check out our SADISTIK INTERNATIONAL COVER GALLERY online!

For more information go to the BIZARRO FILM FESTIVAL website!

16 May 2008

WOW! 10 minute Video Preview of SADISTIK Documentary

While the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary is getting rave reviews in Italy, the rest of the world is still in the dark about this future classic!

We are proud to present a 9:50 clip from the documentary giving SADISTIK fans a taste of what to expect. Learn some startling secrets and behind the scenes info on everybody's favorite masked serial killer!

CIAO! DSK Screening in Modena, Italy 05.25.08

For those of you in Italy, or planning to be in Italy near the end of May, check out the screening of the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary at the Sala Truffaut theatre. May 25, 2008 at 9 PM, 4 Euro admission. More info at trovacinema

See the trailer and more by clicking on the poster below!

More screenings are planned worldwide, so keep posted!

01 May 2008

Throughout the 1960s, hundreds of photo comics were released in Europe with genres ranging from romance to superheroes. One actor was a sought after leading man, appearing in many of the top photo novels. His most famous and longest-running role? That of the lovable mass murderer SADISTIK! For some 40 years the identity of the actor was top secret until now... and he has been revealed to be the incredibly talented ALDO AGLIATA!

The best kept-secret of SADISTIK revealed! Part of Aldo's interview from the SS-Sunda documentary
The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal!

See more about this actor including rare photos and videos at the ALDO AGLIATA page at goSadistik.com

21 March 2008


If you're in Italy in late March or early April... look out! The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL is on the loose and will appear on the silver screen at two film festivals! The incredible 100% true documentary about SADISTIK, directed by SS-Sunda, is getting rave reviews and is truly a trip!

March 31 2008, 9PM at Cinema SAFFI D'ESSAI. Address: viale dell'appennino 480. Info: www.cinemasaffi.com / (+39) 054384070. Guests include actresses CATRSINA TRANSFERT & JUDITH PELIGRO and soundtrack musicians EL REVERENDO M & NEUROPA (5 Euros)

April 8 2008, 8:30 PM at CINEMA COMUNALE. Address: piazza martiri della liberazione 5. Info: info@infosasso.it / (+39) 349 5690399. Guests include famed KRIMINAL Artist (and DSK Soundtrack Artist) GIOVANNI ROMANINI, actresses CATARSINA TRANSFERT, JUDITH PELIGRO and soundtrack musicians EL REVERENDO M, NEUROPA (3 Euros)

In response to many requests, we will soon be screening the documentary in America. We're talking with a couple movie studios about theatrical, cable and DVD distribution for the United States! Stay tuned!

11 March 2008

King of Crime becomes King of International Media!

THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL and his self-titled documentary are getting much media attention around the world! here is just some of the latest positive press on the deadly Imperceptible One!

On every Italian newsstand, from March 6 until the first week of April, issue #188 of BLUE, the prestigious and intelligent erotic magazine published by CONIGLIO EDITORE: Inside is an article full of photos about SADISTIK and his film-documentary, THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, with a exclusive interview of director SS-SUNDA by the journalist ANDREA LEGGERI. If you are a hard-core SADISTIK fan, you can order the magazine online at www.coniglioeditore.it or more about it by emailing: info@coniglioeditore.it

Also on sale this month in the United States is an incredible profusely illustrated profile in the March 2008 issue of PENTHOUSE FORUM! See a preview of the article at my MySpace blog by clicking on the cover image below!

Classy modern literature at its finest!

11 January 2008

The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Steals onto the Screen!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, a new documentary about the King of Crime (known variously around the world as Killing, Satanik, Kilink and Sadistik), premiered recently at the Nightmare Film Festival in Ravenna, Italy and at a prestigious Bologna cinema to much fanfare and literally stole the show!

The image of the Diabolikal One has been appearing in Italian media to herald the film release, including on the front page of newspapers! And though not in the official competition at the Nightmare Film Festival (where Sadistik biographer and DSK producer Mort Todd served on the jury), an exit poll by the horror film fanzine L'Urlo (The Scream) gave it a rating of 8.1 out of 10... above such films as Adam Green's Hatchet, Uwe Boll's Seed and the competition winner, Kostantin Lopushansky's The Ugly Swans! L'Urlo also gave DSK a glowing review in their special Nightmare Festival edition following a very positive profile in Italy's premier horror magazine Nocturno.

The above audience poll from L'Urlo shows The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal rated higher than any other film at the Nightmare Film Festival!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, fantastically and fanatically directed by SS-Sunda, is an amazing 100% true profile of the masked serial killer who began his international wave of terror in 1966. After some background on the socio-political, religious and psychological status of 1960s Italy, the documentary relates the history of nero fumetto (noir comics) with their evil protagonists, and the foto romanzo (photo comics) unique to Italy which set the stage for Sadistik's horrific photo novels!

Festival goers are awed by the DSK poster as they go to the screening.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

Director Sunda did some dedicated research and dug up much previously unknown information on the creation of the character and provides entertaining and amusing interviews with the actors from the photo comics. Many of them appeared in now classic horror, spaghetti western and Euro Trash films and give great insight on why the comic series was so unique, popular and controversial.

DSK producer Mort Todd, Nightmare Festival Director Maria Martinelli and DSK writer, director and producer SS-Sunda.

The interviews are intercut with rare graphics and footage from the era along with new footage of Sadistik in outrageous action. The film has the added benefit of a great original score composed by a cadre of international musical artists. A new music video featuring the closing track of the documentary and clips from the film has just been released.

But the most stunning aspect is that Sunda has done what many in the original comics have died trying... he has unmasked the King of Crime and reveals his true identity! The actor who played Sadistik was originally under contract to not publicize who he was. Even the other actors on the set never saw him without his mask while they worked together for years!

Mort Todd and Festival Organizer Albert "Butchy" Bucci have fun introducing the film.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

There was electrical anticipation for the world premiere of DSK at the Nightmare Film Festival and seats for the screening filled up quickly. Festival organizer Alberto Bucci introduced producer Mort Todd and served as translator for the mostly Italian audience. Mort welcomed the audience, primed them about what they were to witness and then brought out the original mystery actor wearing his infamous Mask of Death to raucous applause.

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal is introduced to the audience (with Albert Bucci), ready to cause torment with his whip!
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal then took a seat next to the beautiful actress Liliana Chiari (from Fellini's The Clowns and a regular in the Sadistik photo novels) to watch his namesake film. (For the time being, the true identity of the actor who portrayed Sadistik is being kept secret, though revealed in the film.)

Mort presents a bouquet to the lovely Liliana Chiari.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

After the screening, Sadistik unmasked in person to wild reaction and travelled the audience, microphone in hand, answering questions from the fans. The Italian television network RAI taped the event and broadcast it internationally.

Mask in hand, Actor X works the audience, answering questions and entertaining all.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

The next screening was at the prestigious Lumiere Cinema in Bologna to a sold-out standing room only crowd, with many disappointed cinephiles turned away. Another screening will be held there soon and there are plans to have a screening in the Italian capital of Rome in the near future.

Just a small sample of the press for the sold out screening of DSK in Bologna, Italy.

Comicfix, the American co-producer of the film (with the Italian Sinepathic Films) and publisher of the photo novels, has been fielding requests to show the documentary at theatres and film festivals all over the world. There are also negotiations to have The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal shown in America at comic conventions and film festivals. Comicfix is also talking with major film studios about theatrical distribution and DVD release.

For more information or to arrange a screening, contact sadistik @ comicfix dot com.

10 January 2008

Do you dare watch the "Beware: SADISTIK" Music Video?

You have never seen a music video like this! The song "Beware: SADISTIK!" is from the forthcoming 100% true documentary entitled THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, directed by SS-Sunda. The Music is by The Charles E. Hall Band.