11 January 2008

The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Steals onto the Screen!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, a new documentary about the King of Crime (known variously around the world as Killing, Satanik, Kilink and Sadistik), premiered recently at the Nightmare Film Festival in Ravenna, Italy and at a prestigious Bologna cinema to much fanfare and literally stole the show!

The image of the Diabolikal One has been appearing in Italian media to herald the film release, including on the front page of newspapers! And though not in the official competition at the Nightmare Film Festival (where Sadistik biographer and DSK producer Mort Todd served on the jury), an exit poll by the horror film fanzine L'Urlo (The Scream) gave it a rating of 8.1 out of 10... above such films as Adam Green's Hatchet, Uwe Boll's Seed and the competition winner, Kostantin Lopushansky's The Ugly Swans! L'Urlo also gave DSK a glowing review in their special Nightmare Festival edition following a very positive profile in Italy's premier horror magazine Nocturno.

The above audience poll from L'Urlo shows The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal rated higher than any other film at the Nightmare Film Festival!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, fantastically and fanatically directed by SS-Sunda, is an amazing 100% true profile of the masked serial killer who began his international wave of terror in 1966. After some background on the socio-political, religious and psychological status of 1960s Italy, the documentary relates the history of nero fumetto (noir comics) with their evil protagonists, and the foto romanzo (photo comics) unique to Italy which set the stage for Sadistik's horrific photo novels!

Festival goers are awed by the DSK poster as they go to the screening.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

Director Sunda did some dedicated research and dug up much previously unknown information on the creation of the character and provides entertaining and amusing interviews with the actors from the photo comics. Many of them appeared in now classic horror, spaghetti western and Euro Trash films and give great insight on why the comic series was so unique, popular and controversial.

DSK producer Mort Todd, Nightmare Festival Director Maria Martinelli and DSK writer, director and producer SS-Sunda.

The interviews are intercut with rare graphics and footage from the era along with new footage of Sadistik in outrageous action. The film has the added benefit of a great original score composed by a cadre of international musical artists. A new music video featuring the closing track of the documentary and clips from the film has just been released.

But the most stunning aspect is that Sunda has done what many in the original comics have died trying... he has unmasked the King of Crime and reveals his true identity! The actor who played Sadistik was originally under contract to not publicize who he was. Even the other actors on the set never saw him without his mask while they worked together for years!

Mort Todd and Festival Organizer Albert "Butchy" Bucci have fun introducing the film.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

There was electrical anticipation for the world premiere of DSK at the Nightmare Film Festival and seats for the screening filled up quickly. Festival organizer Alberto Bucci introduced producer Mort Todd and served as translator for the mostly Italian audience. Mort welcomed the audience, primed them about what they were to witness and then brought out the original mystery actor wearing his infamous Mask of Death to raucous applause.

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal is introduced to the audience (with Albert Bucci), ready to cause torment with his whip!
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal then took a seat next to the beautiful actress Liliana Chiari (from Fellini's The Clowns and a regular in the Sadistik photo novels) to watch his namesake film. (For the time being, the true identity of the actor who portrayed Sadistik is being kept secret, though revealed in the film.)

Mort presents a bouquet to the lovely Liliana Chiari.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

After the screening, Sadistik unmasked in person to wild reaction and travelled the audience, microphone in hand, answering questions from the fans. The Italian television network RAI taped the event and broadcast it internationally.

Mask in hand, Actor X works the audience, answering questions and entertaining all.
Photo by Luca Di Giorgio for the Nightmare Film Festival.

The next screening was at the prestigious Lumiere Cinema in Bologna to a sold-out standing room only crowd, with many disappointed cinephiles turned away. Another screening will be held there soon and there are plans to have a screening in the Italian capital of Rome in the near future.

Just a small sample of the press for the sold out screening of DSK in Bologna, Italy.

Comicfix, the American co-producer of the film (with the Italian Sinepathic Films) and publisher of the photo novels, has been fielding requests to show the documentary at theatres and film festivals all over the world. There are also negotiations to have The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal shown in America at comic conventions and film festivals. Comicfix is also talking with major film studios about theatrical distribution and DVD release.

For more information or to arrange a screening, contact sadistik @ comicfix dot com.

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