24 September 2006

Beware: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script Declassified!

While Comicfix is close to signing a deal to produce a live action SADISTIK TV show (set in the 1960s), fans of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal can get a sneak peek at the pilot script for BEWARE: SADISTIK with a new Special Edition!

The BEWARE: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script is a wire-bound 74 page volume and includes an overview of the series along with a short history of the King of Crime and the Super-Kriminal genre from Fantomas to Diabolik! There's also a black & white comics adaptation of the the script's opening, which serves as a virtual storyboard!

See more by clicking on the image below or click on the link to Cafepress here!

17 September 2006


Okay, the comic strip Kriminal may have come before me, and it stars a killer in a skeleton outfit with a K instead of a C in the name, but I think I'm much cooler. A yellow outfit with black bones may look neat in a black & white comic book, but in film it comes off as goofy! But you be the judge after you look at this title sequence for the 1967 film Kriminal (featuring my current cover girl Mary Arden) and see who's got the meaner threads and cuts a more imposing figure: Me or Kriminal?

14 September 2006

The SICKEST Comic Book Covers EVER!

Just posted on my website are insane painted covers of my Brazilian editions from the early '70s! Here is a taste of the luridness to expect. To see more, click on the demented image and when you get there, scroll past the scenic and psychotic Argentinian covers, the Bettie Page image by Sol Rac and LOOK OUT!

... Unless you don't like skeleton-clad mass murderers such as me for some reason!

12 September 2006

Have Dates with PIN-UP MODELS!

Yes, you can have hundreds of dates with a couple dozen pin-up models... and the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, when you glom the new SADISTIK 2007 PIN-UP CRIME CALENDAR! It's WEIRD, WILD, SEXY and SAVAGE! Vintage covers from international editions of the King of Crime from the 1960s, 70s and today! Lucious pin-ups from the magazine, including pics of cult Euro film stars Erna Scheurer, Rosalba Neri, Mylene Demongeot and SADISTIK's own Dana, Luciana Paoli! Also each month, an action shot of the Diabolikal One! See some of the images below, and to view all of them or order the calendar, click HERE!

09 September 2006

Look into the HYPNO-WHEEL!!!

It's too late! You've looked into the HYPNO-WHEEL, one of SADISTIK's most diabolikal devices! Now, after seeing these tantalizing images, you will have no choice but to get BEWARE: SADISTIK #1 when it is released in two weeks! Watch this space for a link to a FREE 14 page color preview in the near future!

02 September 2006

September Discount for MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS!

The response to SADISTIK Number 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS is phenomenal! The reaction to the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal's premiere was so astounding and so many took up our offer to get the first issue for $7.99 (two bucks off the $9.99 cover price) that we have decided to extend the discount into September for all our new f(r)iends that missed out! To order at this special price before the end of the month, or to download a FREE 14 page PDF preview, jump on over to the goSADISTIK! site! And coming in two weeks: The first issue of the Beware: SADISTIK comic book!

Retailers: 40 per cent discount plus free shipping (in the US)! Minimum 3 copies. Contact us!