24 September 2006

Beware: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script Declassified!

While Comicfix is close to signing a deal to produce a live action SADISTIK TV show (set in the 1960s), fans of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal can get a sneak peek at the pilot script for BEWARE: SADISTIK with a new Special Edition!

The BEWARE: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script is a wire-bound 74 page volume and includes an overview of the series along with a short history of the King of Crime and the Super-Kriminal genre from Fantomas to Diabolik! There's also a black & white comics adaptation of the the script's opening, which serves as a virtual storyboard!

See more by clicking on the image below or click on the link to Cafepress here!


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roberto said...

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