29 December 2006

From Hell with Love! Weird new Spanish & Turkish Covers Posted!

The goSADISTIK.com website is always growing, with strange images of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal popping up from all the corners of this cursed Earth and then posted on it!

The latest additions to the gorey gallery come from Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Click on the pictures below to go see more horrific portraits of the King of Crime menacing all kinds of femme fatales in various states of undress from all over the world!

From Hell with Love! Just one of the many covers from South of the Border! See more here!

Dig that crazy flower loin cloth! One of the new covers posted from the Turkish edition. Turkey went so crazy over the character they made 11 films about the Diabolikal One! See more of these Turkish Delights here!

16 December 2006

New Crime Spree! FREE SADISTIK 2 Download and Save $2 off the book!

LOOK OUT!! The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal is on the loose again! SADISTIK 2: The Drug Bomb! concerns the heist of a new experimental super-heroin and the extremes that the mob, the KGB, the police, larcenous lesbians and Sadistik will go to get their hands on it! The body count rises as things twist and turn in this incredible photo novel! Also includes actors gallery bio of Sadistik director Rosario Borelli, article on photo and comic pin-ups and pictorial of actress Rosalba Neri.

SADISTIK #2: The Drug Bomb! is a 192 page graphic photo novel in digest format with a $9.99 cover price. Download a FREE 21 page preview of this epic or just go ahead and BUY the thing! Save $2 off the cover price if you order before January 31st! Book ships first week of January. Discounts available for Retailers.

09 December 2006

Advance Limited Edition DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Movie Posters

Advance Limited Edition DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Movie Posters on Sale!

Direct from Italy! Some teasing glimpses of the fun to come with the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production for 2007 release. Director SS-Sunda has crafted these four cards in the spirit of the old movie lobby cards, a promotional tool back in the era of the King of Crime's prime! Rare art & photos from foreign editions highlights these pieces along with a recent picture of the actors interviewed, like Erna Schurer (who also appeared in the films Ivana aka Blood Castle aka
Scream of the Demon Lover and Strip Nude for Your Killer) and Rico Boido (from Danger: Diabolik and Super Fly TNT)! The documentary finally reveals the series best kept secret... who actually portrayed The Crime Genius in the photo novels? One of the cards shows the moment of truth: The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal about to unmask!

4 Different Lobby cards for only $9.99 (plus s&h) until January 15th!

You get a set of four different lobby cards, as seen above, which are beautiful 11" x 17" fiery prints on 100 lb cardstock, each showcasing a different actor. A cool limited edition series for the all-around horror fan! For order information go to goSADISTIK.com!

08 December 2006

Exclusive Pix! How to Make a MONSTER (Outfit)!

Here, as an exclusive to the friends of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, are behind the scenes photos of the careful re-creation of the Suit of Death! The outfit is being constructed with lethal detail for the upcoming Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production in Italy. (Disguised as a production assistant, I managed to retrieve these photos from the digital camera of director SS-Sunda.)

21 November 2006


The most LURID calendar of 2007 is now out... and you can save $4 when you purchase it before 3 December 2006! 12 months of mayhem, featuring classic covers of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal from the world over with the original splash pages and color pin-ups from the back cover for only $15.99 (instead of the regular $19.95)! Check out the images from the calendar below or see all months and order by CLICKING HERE!


09 November 2006

The Sounds of SADISTIK!

The King of Crime has inspired many artists over the years, including musicians! SADISTIK HQ recently received a mysterious package with CDs from the mad musicians The Metrolites which included the track "Diabolik Kriminal." That's composer Scott Morschhauser in the familiar outfit on the banner above and he also recently scored the music to the film The Bride Wore Blood.

Click on the banner above to hear this tune at Diabolikal Super Kriminal MySpace Blog. Listen to more of their music and buy their cool CDs at The Metrolites website!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal has other associations with music: He's appeared on record covers for punk and house bands; New tunes are being recorded right now in Italy for the upcoming documentary and even the director of the original photo novels, Rosario Borelli, recorded pop tunes with movie soundtrack legend Ennio Morricone!

Maybe we'll have to put out a CD of Sadistik's Top Hits!

05 November 2006

FEZ is a ZOMBIE! 1st Movie Review El Muerto: Romero meets Rodriguez

As as Diabolkal Super-Kriminal I stole my way into an advance screening of a new teen zombie flick, along with my biographer, Mort Todd, who wrote the following critique. Here, then, is the FIRST movie review of the movie EL MUERTO based on the comic book by Javier Hernandez!

The MAN and His MONSTER! Creator Javier Hernandez and actor Wilmer Valderrama.

There have been zombie films, superhero flicks, Latino features and teen romance movies, but this is the first Latino zombie superhero teen romance! And this isn't your uncle's zombie film as El Muerto, unlike other members of the walking dead, can run around during the day, feel love, fight evil and he doesn't have a taste for human flesh.

The motion picture is based on the El Muerto comic by Javier Hernandez, published by Los Comex. It is one of the most faithful transfers of a comic book to the screen as adapted by director Brian Cox. The film's title sequence pays reverence to its origins, featuring art by Hernandez that evokes the opening of many Sergio Leone films (Coincidently the film is produced by unrelated Leones).

Contrary to many comic book films that take forever setting up the origin of the character, El Muerto swiftly unfolds his beginnings and gets to the action, establishing his motivation, his powers and the conflict of being a teen zombie. Young Diego (Wilmer Valderrama, yes Fez from That 70s Show) crosses Mictlantecuhtli, the Aztec God of Death and has his still-beating heart (if not his soul) plucked from him. His love for his girlfriend Maria (the beautiful Angie Cepeda) helps brings him back from the Land of Death, much to the surprise of his friend Zak (Joel David Moore of Art School Confidential) and others.

A series of gruesome deaths and some omens lead them to believe the God of Death is up to no good and only Diego as El Muerto can stop him!

El Muerto has something for everyone and will even appeal to people who wouldn't be caught dead watching a zombie movie. This is a zombie film for the entire family! It has an engaging action and a romantic theme, believable special effects, great music and sound design. It boasts many incredible actors like Michael Parks (Kill Bill), Tony Plana (now in Ugly Betty), Maria Conchita Alonso and Tony Amendola. The underused and underrated Billy Drago (The Untouchables) makes an impression in a stunning performance.

Some cite the character's similarity to The Crow, but they are night and day. They're both black-clad reanimated corpses with make-up on, but that's where it ends. Whereas the Crow is dark and cynical, El Muerto is light and positive. Though hearts get ripped out and there's other gore, it's tastefully done, usually off screen though still with impact.

With Wilmer Valderrama in the lead, it should attract a wide female and teen audience. One gets the feeling that this film will ultimately have long legs on video and become a cult/mainstream favorite as the years pass. It's a great character and should inspire many fun sequels and spin-offs.

28 October 2006

TIME to KILL? Download a FREE KILLING TIME Magazine!

It's here! The FIRST magazine about photo comics from around the world... and it's FREE! This is a real labor of love, presented in the classic Famous Monsters school of wild photos and fun and informative text: in this case in Spanish and English! But just don't read about it... read KILLING TIME 1 right now by clicking on the link below.

Free 37 page KILLING TIME bi-lingual magazine about photo comics!

And for you jet-set playboys who like old-school hard copy, Comicfix has also produced a deluxe, glossy full color magazine! And if you order the magazine before December 1, you save $2 off the $7.99 cover price and pay only $5.99 (plus s&h). More information at the above link! Be the first in your (cell) block to have the 411 on the most exciting new genre to hit American comics in decades!

14 October 2006

FREE 11 Page Full Color Preview of new Beware: SADISTIK 1

Too late! You looked! Now you are a material witness, if not accessory after to fact to the criminal exploits of SADISTIK! The only thing you can do now if find out the full story by getting the FREE PREVIEW of the very first issue of Beware: SADISTIK! This 52 page full color comic digest stars the King of Crime in his first all-new adventure in 20 years!

The new 18 page lead story is based on the opening teaser sequence from the TV pilot script with SADISTIK is in East Berlin to steal an object of value from a degenerate Communist General. The TV series, like the comic, will be very true to the original photo novels and set in 1966. The rest of the book is rounded out with two comic strip adventures of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal from the 1970s, in English and color for the first time.

For more detailed background on the comic book, go to our earlier Mask of Death post.

Image Hosted by Free image hosting

For a FREE Full Color Preview download of the comic, go to goSADISTIK.com. If you order this comic before midnight on Halloween, you'll get $2 off the $7.99 cover price and pay only $5.99 (plus s&h). Order through PayPal at goSADISTIK.com!

24 September 2006

Beware: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script Declassified!

While Comicfix is close to signing a deal to produce a live action SADISTIK TV show (set in the 1960s), fans of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal can get a sneak peek at the pilot script for BEWARE: SADISTIK with a new Special Edition!

The BEWARE: SADISTIK TV Pilot Script is a wire-bound 74 page volume and includes an overview of the series along with a short history of the King of Crime and the Super-Kriminal genre from Fantomas to Diabolik! There's also a black & white comics adaptation of the the script's opening, which serves as a virtual storyboard!

See more by clicking on the image below or click on the link to Cafepress here!

17 September 2006


Okay, the comic strip Kriminal may have come before me, and it stars a killer in a skeleton outfit with a K instead of a C in the name, but I think I'm much cooler. A yellow outfit with black bones may look neat in a black & white comic book, but in film it comes off as goofy! But you be the judge after you look at this title sequence for the 1967 film Kriminal (featuring my current cover girl Mary Arden) and see who's got the meaner threads and cuts a more imposing figure: Me or Kriminal?

14 September 2006

The SICKEST Comic Book Covers EVER!

Just posted on my website are insane painted covers of my Brazilian editions from the early '70s! Here is a taste of the luridness to expect. To see more, click on the demented image and when you get there, scroll past the scenic and psychotic Argentinian covers, the Bettie Page image by Sol Rac and LOOK OUT!

... Unless you don't like skeleton-clad mass murderers such as me for some reason!

12 September 2006

Have Dates with PIN-UP MODELS!

Yes, you can have hundreds of dates with a couple dozen pin-up models... and the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, when you glom the new SADISTIK 2007 PIN-UP CRIME CALENDAR! It's WEIRD, WILD, SEXY and SAVAGE! Vintage covers from international editions of the King of Crime from the 1960s, 70s and today! Lucious pin-ups from the magazine, including pics of cult Euro film stars Erna Scheurer, Rosalba Neri, Mylene Demongeot and SADISTIK's own Dana, Luciana Paoli! Also each month, an action shot of the Diabolikal One! See some of the images below, and to view all of them or order the calendar, click HERE!

09 September 2006

Look into the HYPNO-WHEEL!!!

It's too late! You've looked into the HYPNO-WHEEL, one of SADISTIK's most diabolikal devices! Now, after seeing these tantalizing images, you will have no choice but to get BEWARE: SADISTIK #1 when it is released in two weeks! Watch this space for a link to a FREE 14 page color preview in the near future!

02 September 2006

September Discount for MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS!

The response to SADISTIK Number 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS is phenomenal! The reaction to the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal's premiere was so astounding and so many took up our offer to get the first issue for $7.99 (two bucks off the $9.99 cover price) that we have decided to extend the discount into September for all our new f(r)iends that missed out! To order at this special price before the end of the month, or to download a FREE 14 page PDF preview, jump on over to the goSADISTIK! site! And coming in two weeks: The first issue of the Beware: SADISTIK comic book!

Retailers: 40 per cent discount plus free shipping (in the US)! Minimum 3 copies. Contact us!

27 August 2006

See Vintage Kilink Videos!

Once considered "lost" films, some of the exploits of the King of Crime are now available on DVD. Onar Films has released these gems (and many other amazing rarities) and has posted clips on YouTube for the benefit of everyone!

We've put up a few of these video clips, and much more amusement, on the Diabolikal Super Kriminal MySpace page and at goSADISTIK.com.

23 August 2006

Diabolikal Lobby Cards Unleashed!

Direct from Italy! Some teasing glimpses of the fun to come with the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production.

Director SS-Sunda has crafted these images in the spirit of old movie lobby cards, a promotional tool back in the era of the King of Crime's prime!

Rare art & photos from foreign editions highlights these pieces along with a recent picture of the actors interviewed, like Erna Schurer and Rico Boido!

The documentary finally reveals the series best kept secret... who actually portrayed The Crime Genius in the photo novels? Above, you can see the moment of truth: The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal unmasked! Comicfix is so impressed with cards there may be some limited editions printed up soon, old school exploitation-style!

20 August 2006

BILL WARD & SADISTIK in CAHOOTS! The King of Pin-Ups & King of Crime Konnection!

No, "cahoots" was not a mens' magazine (though it should have been), but the King of Pin-Ups, Bill Ward, did share page space with the King of Crime, Sadistik, in the 1960s! Bill Ward's cartoons, along with those of his fellow artists, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Wenzel and others, appeared in the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal's original Italian and French editions. What's more, the writer of Sadistik, Mort Todd, worked with Bill Ward at Cracked magazine and put out Bill's first art collection W.O.W.: The World of Ward.

A fun new 352 page book about cartoonist Bill Ward with over 600 illustrations is now out! Mort has some comments in this new book, The Wonderful World of Ward, compiled by famed photographer Eric Kroll. You can click here to see more and order this book! Click here to see other pin-up cartoon collections towards the bottom of the page you are directed to.

18 August 2006


As evidenced in the upcoming KILLING TIME magazine, the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal cut quite a swath through Argentina as KILING. He's such a cultural icon he still pops up here and there, and isn't it inevitable that the King of Crime would meet up with the Queen of Kink?!

This incredible art comes from the hand of Buenos Aires artist Sol Rac and more of his cool posters, featuring masked wrestlers, glamour gals, monsters and hot rods can be seen at Sol's MySpace page.

SADISTIK, in his many incarnations, has shown up in the weirdest places... from record covers to, yes, fine art! His smiling face does something to people and as he becomes more infamous in the English-speaking world, he's inspiring more artists to interpret him. Look forward to seeing more new art of the Crime Genius posted here and in our magazines. And, if you have some diabolikal art to share, send a link!

12 August 2006


Available in October is BEWARE SADISTIK #1, the first comic book ever featuring the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal! This 52 page full color comic digest stars the King of Crime in his first all-new adventure in over 20 years!

The cover and lead story are written and drawn by by Mort Todd (who also adapts the SADISTIK photo novels) and is based on his TV pilot script. The publisher Comicfix is in negotiations with a production company concerning a TV series about the Imperceptible One and expects to announce news about it very soon!

The 18 page story is actually based on the opening teaser sequence from the TV script where SADISTIK is in East Berlin to steal an object of value from a degenerate Communist General. The TV series will be very true to the original photo novels and set in 1966. The first season will focus on the King of Crime's arrival in America with the beautiful Dana as he targets the scientific treasures of a corrupt industrialist who wants to crush SADISTIK. Also in the Diabolikal One's way is a joint FBI/Interpol task force dedicated to the defeat of our favorite Super-Kriminal. Thanks to his industrial espionage, SADISTIK employs technology that is fifty years ahead of his time, so he uses gimmicks we won't even see for another 10 years! An overview of the TV series is at our SADISTIK TV page where there is a heavily illustrated Top Secret Dossier on the show.

As illustrated by the page on the right, the TV show will be full of slam-bang violent action, gorgeous gals, deadly adversaries and spine-tingling suspense! The series will be like a darker James Bond or an evil Batman, set in a foreboding retro-futuristic 1960s.

Despite having a long international career in print as the star of photo novels, SADISTIK has never had his own comic book before. He has had, however, two comic stories about him printed before, featuring his untold ORIGIN and his subsequent DEATH. These rare tales appear for the first time in color and English in BEWARE SADISTIK #1!

The King of Crime had a long run in Argentina where he was known as KILING. It was so successful that after the original Italian run of photo novels was exhausted, the publisher, Ediciones Record, created new adventures with local actors and locales. They also expanded their line to include KILING paperback novels and comics. In 1974, they launched the magazine Skorpio, a black and white comics magazine featuring some of the world’s best cartoonists. Amongst strips in the first issue by Hugo Pratt and Leo Durañona was an adaptation of KILING written by Eugenio Zappietro (as Ray Collins, who also wrote the Argentine photo novels) and artist Ernesto Garcia.

While the artwork is fantastic, the plot, particularly the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal's beginnings, leaves a little to be desired. More of a generic Batman/revenge origin than proper motivation for someone to become the King of Crime, in this version he is more of a crime fighter than criminal. Though his true origin has not been revealed (yet), it is suffice to say he was not a groovy 70s French scientist before he donned the Mask of Death and there is no real explanation as to why he and Dana would have such an inseparable romance as depicted in the photo novels. Perhaps the story is disinformation put out by SADISTIK himself!

(Above) An ad for "The Death of SADISTIK" that appeared in Argentinian magazines.

In the second issue of Skorpio, they introduced a mysterious, masked crime buster that adopted the magazine’s title and purports to relate the death of SADISTIK. Zappietro wrote the tale with the entertaining artwork of Oswal adding to the fun. His work is at times reminiscent of American cartoonists ranging from Alex Toth and Frank Robbins to Mike Sekowsky and Jim Aparo.

For some reason, they didn’t feel like continuing KILING’s adventures in comics form, so they “killed” him off in this adventure. To see the final fate of SADISTIK (at least in the Argentinian alternate reality) you must pick up this collectors' edition!

Though the only two appearances of the King of Crime in drawn (rather than photographed) comics feature very decent art, the stories don't fully exploit the potential of the character. However, these rare comics are of great interest to SADISTIK fans worldwide and are presented for the first time in English and in color within this incredible edition.

Like other SADISTIK releases, by the end of the month Comicfix will offer a free PDF download preview of the comic book for you to check out before you buy. And the book will also be offered at a discount for the first month when you purchase from for the official SADISTIK website.

Speaking of which, don't forget: August is you're last chance to buy the Limited Edition SADISTIK book Hell Waits! and you can also purchase the new SADISTIK #1: Monster with a 1000 Masks! for $7.99. After September, #1 will sell at the $9.99 cover price, so get SADISTIK before he gets you! Download PDF previews of both books at our SNEAK PEEK page!

04 August 2006

The Hunt for SADISTIK!

COMICFIX, the publisher of SADISTIK, has received many e-mails and letters about the availability of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal in their local comic shops. As of now we have limited distribution in select stores including places that sell comics, books, CDs and coffee!

If you would like to see SADISTIK in your favorite places, have them get in touch with us. Retailers, we offer wholesale prices and in most instances, free shipping. Contact sadistik @ comicfix.com

As word of mouth spreads and information about the upcoming SADISTIK TV show is released, we imagine a lot more outlets will be carrying the King of Crime's exploits. The plan is to ultimately get on the newsstand and in book chains where the current titles will be reissued, making these editions all the more collectible with their smaller print runs.

For hardcore fans (that means YOU if you're reading this), SADISTIK 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS! is available at the SADISTIK website. During this month of August it will be on sale for $7.99 compared to its $9.99 cover price.

We're also offering a 14 page sneak peek of SADISTIK 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS! as a PDF download at goSADISTIK.com.

2007 will be the YEAR OF SADISTIK with a TV show in production, the release of the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary and more SADISTIK photo novel releases and related publications and merchandise. Get in gear by getting a SADISTIK t-shirt night now! Comicfix is also in the early stages of preparing a new surprise for the world with the creation of a dynamic new series. Stay tuned!

26 July 2006

TOP SECRET: SADISTIK on the loose... Spotted in San Francisco and San Diego!

The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal known as SADISTIK has begun his American crime campaign in earnest! SADISTIK 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS finds the King of Crime in San Francisco hatching his plan to steal millions in antique gold coins from a corrupt prince's exploding safe! Aided by his incomparable beauty, Dana, The Imperceptible One must face competing criminals, the local police (led by the implacable Inspector Grant) and deadly Communist Agents!

This is a reprint of the original first issue of Killing / Satanik, released in 1966 and in English for the first time. There's an article on the history of European super villains from Fantomas to Diabolik and a "You Solve It" comic also from the first issue. Plus an article about Luciana Paoli (aka Dana, Sadistik's one true love) crammed with pin-ups. These pin ups are different than the ones seen in the SADISTIK Limited Edition: HELL WAITS! (which is still available until the end of August).

Besides Luciana Paoli as Dana, this issue marks the first appearance of many actors who would become regular members of the cast, like Rico Boido as a KGB killer, Gabriella Giorgelli, Renato Baldini and Erno Crisa... all under the capable directorial hands of Rosario Borelli. The cover features actress/model Mary Arden.

SADISTIK 1 made its premiere at the 2006 San Diego Comic Convention where advance copies were given to the press and industry professionals for promotion. Comicfix, the publisher of SADISTIK, plans a big presence at the next San Diego Con with the premiere of The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary (now in production) and an appearance by the King of Crime himself! Other Comicfix-related news at the Convention included a new Rat Fink documentary and a potential publisher for the Bob Marley bio-graphic novel.

SADISTIK 1 got a great reception by everyone who saw it at the con. As a treat to readers of The Mask of Death, a 14 page PDF preview of SADISTIK 1 is available free by scrolling to the bottom of this page link. The book will be available for the special price of $7.99 during August at the goSADISTIK.com website.

Coming Soon: Previews of the Beware: Sadistik comic book, the Killing Time fanzine and news on the SADISTIK TV show!

14 July 2006


All hail Argentina's real revolutionary: KILING! While a certain Argentinean born revolutionary (now as ubiquitous as Mickey Mouse on t-shirts) was responsible for thousands of very real, horrible deaths in the labor camps he created, our favorite fictional murderer was a revolutionary in his own right considering the cultural climate of the time.

During Juan Peron’s regime, Argentina had strict censorship in place, yet somehow the Diabolikal Super Kriminal slipped through! When the King of Crime appeared in 1970s Argentina as Kiling some of the more lascivious scenes (but not violent ones) were trimmed. The reprints of the European editions were so popular that when they ran out of stories to publish, they created new dramas featuring the The Imperceptible One and Dana!

And hoping to repeat the success, they created the Sexy Super Spy, Namur and Yorga, The Lizard Man (in a Carlo Rambaldi mask). And in the best tradition of costumed comic characters, they all had crossovers.

To American comics fans, this is like a weird alternate reality of 1970s comic books… with photos instead of drawings and in another language! And the average fan can’t get much exposure to these rare foreign comics. Until now.

Comicfix, the publishers of America’s first photo novel series SADISTIK, will be releasing a new periodical, KILLING TIME, about the genre around the world.

KILLING TIME will be the first magazine about international photo novels and will focus on the weird side of it. The first issue will have an article on the Spanish version of SADISTIK in South America by Roberto Barreiro and coverage on how The Diabolikal One was censored in Argentina by Diego Baccino.

Plus Roberto returns with an introduction to Namur, Danger Supreme! With lots of photos of the 70s sexy super spy, the history of the character, info on the actress and a checklist of the first ten issues! You have to see her to believe her!

Now if all this wasn’t novel enough for a magazine about strange characters, it will also be multi-lingual! The first issue, focusing on South America as it does, will be in Spanish and English. In future issues there will be articles from international contributors printed in their native language as well as English. The King of Crime has cast a long shadow around the world and this magazine will put a spotlight on many of his long-kept secrets… Who was really behind the mask? When did the government censors really stop the French edition? And, maybe, whatever happened to Luciana Paoli?

Still more! The magazine will be available FREE on-line in a PDF download or to purchase as a full color magazine. KILLING TIME, reflecting on the past, will have a lot of famous firsts!

KILLING TIME #1: Available in September 2006 for download or purchase! Stay tuned to goSADISTIK.com!

08 July 2006

More SADISTIK Actor Pages Added!

Some of the most viewed pages on the goSADISTIK website are in the Actors' Gallery... and not just because of the saucy vintage pin-ups! Most of the actors in the SADISTIK photo novels were veterans of the European film world, working with internationally famous directors and stars and acting in many classics and cult favorites.

The three new actors just added to the site are ones who had very interesting careers and though you may not have heard of them, you have most likely seen many of the films they appeared in.

Erno Crisa may not be a familiar name, but you're aware of (or even seen) many films he has been in and if he hadn't had an untimely death at a young age, he probably would've become a bigger international star. Despite his short life, he was in over 50 films and in many issues of SADISTIK. He worked with such directors as Vittorio De Sica and René Clément and co-starred with Gina Lollobrigida, Marcello Mastroianni and Michèle Mercier. He was in the well-regarded Purple Noon (later remade as The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon) and portrayed the title character in the very first adaptation of the controversial Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Mary Arden was a model and actress who was threatened by the The King of Crime in many issues and covers to boot. Though she had a short film career, she made an impression in the seminal Blood and Black Lace from director Mario Bava. She was also in a film based on another comic book anti-hero, Kriminal, by director Umberto Lenzi. Mary can still be frequently seen on TV and magazines in her long-time capacity as a corporate image consultant.

The third personality added to the Actors Gallery had about as many names as films he appeared in, Giovanni Di Benedetto. He had so many aliases even imdb.com can't keep up with his credits. This gentleman has been in film and TV for over 50 years and is still at it! Some of the talent he has been associated with includes Kirk Douglas (in Ulysses), Mario Bava, Roger Vadim, Anthony Quinn, Jack Palance, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey, Jr. and even our own lovely Luciana Paoli! Perhaps most wild is that he was in the trilogy of classic terror films by Dario Argento starting with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. He is also scheduled to appear in the SADISTIK documentary The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal to talk about his photo novel roles.

If you a film buff, you must check out the SADISTIK Actors Gallery. Besides photos, pin-ups and rare international movie posters, the articles will give you a flavor of the world film scene over the last half century along with filmographies and exclusive information culled from The Imperceptible One's files. After you get a thirst for these films, sate it with our links to purchase them on DVD and video. And soon, we will be posting current interviews with the actors reflecting on their days in the throes of the King of Crime. Plus, in answer to the many fans who have been demanding MORE Luciana Paoli pix, your wish will be fulfilled in the near future with more pin-ups from her film Casanova '70 with Marcello Mastroianni and revealing shots from her forays in non-SADISTIK photo novels.