20 August 2006

BILL WARD & SADISTIK in CAHOOTS! The King of Pin-Ups & King of Crime Konnection!

No, "cahoots" was not a mens' magazine (though it should have been), but the King of Pin-Ups, Bill Ward, did share page space with the King of Crime, Sadistik, in the 1960s! Bill Ward's cartoons, along with those of his fellow artists, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Wenzel and others, appeared in the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal's original Italian and French editions. What's more, the writer of Sadistik, Mort Todd, worked with Bill Ward at Cracked magazine and put out Bill's first art collection W.O.W.: The World of Ward.

A fun new 352 page book about cartoonist Bill Ward with over 600 illustrations is now out! Mort has some comments in this new book, The Wonderful World of Ward, compiled by famed photographer Eric Kroll. You can click here to see more and order this book! Click here to see other pin-up cartoon collections towards the bottom of the page you are directed to.

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