23 August 2006

Diabolikal Lobby Cards Unleashed!

Direct from Italy! Some teasing glimpses of the fun to come with the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production.

Director SS-Sunda has crafted these images in the spirit of old movie lobby cards, a promotional tool back in the era of the King of Crime's prime!

Rare art & photos from foreign editions highlights these pieces along with a recent picture of the actors interviewed, like Erna Schurer and Rico Boido!

The documentary finally reveals the series best kept secret... who actually portrayed The Crime Genius in the photo novels? Above, you can see the moment of truth: The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal unmasked! Comicfix is so impressed with cards there may be some limited editions printed up soon, old school exploitation-style!


Bill Cunningham said...

Awesome, Mort!

Can't wait to see and review it for DISContent!

Bill Cunningham said...

Oh and who's the "spider-dude" in the 2nd lobbycard?

Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...

The "spider-dude" is a villain called Spider Man! He was a recurring threat to ANTAR, King of the Jungle, in photo novels. Many of the actors who played Antar showed up in the King of Crime's books, including director Rosario Borelli!

Bill Cunningham said...

I freakin' love it!

Tarzan..oops! ANTAR...fighting a Spider Man who looks like he could be related to the Black Scorpion of ADV. OF CAPTAIN MARVEL serial fame.


Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...

The Captain Marvel Connection continues: In the Turkish film version of SADISTIK, known as KiLiNK, his adversary "Superman" gets his powers from an old wizard named SHAZAM!

Brian (JOEHORROR.COM) said...

Holy Hell! I'll be the first to buy a set of these cards! Keep kicking major ass guys!