04 August 2006

The Hunt for SADISTIK!

COMICFIX, the publisher of SADISTIK, has received many e-mails and letters about the availability of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal in their local comic shops. As of now we have limited distribution in select stores including places that sell comics, books, CDs and coffee!

If you would like to see SADISTIK in your favorite places, have them get in touch with us. Retailers, we offer wholesale prices and in most instances, free shipping. Contact sadistik @ comicfix.com

As word of mouth spreads and information about the upcoming SADISTIK TV show is released, we imagine a lot more outlets will be carrying the King of Crime's exploits. The plan is to ultimately get on the newsstand and in book chains where the current titles will be reissued, making these editions all the more collectible with their smaller print runs.

For hardcore fans (that means YOU if you're reading this), SADISTIK 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS! is available at the SADISTIK website. During this month of August it will be on sale for $7.99 compared to its $9.99 cover price.

We're also offering a 14 page sneak peek of SADISTIK 1: MONSTER with a 1000 MASKS! as a PDF download at goSADISTIK.com.

2007 will be the YEAR OF SADISTIK with a TV show in production, the release of the DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary and more SADISTIK photo novel releases and related publications and merchandise. Get in gear by getting a SADISTIK t-shirt night now! Comicfix is also in the early stages of preparing a new surprise for the world with the creation of a dynamic new series. Stay tuned!

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