29 December 2006

From Hell with Love! Weird new Spanish & Turkish Covers Posted!

The goSADISTIK.com website is always growing, with strange images of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal popping up from all the corners of this cursed Earth and then posted on it!

The latest additions to the gorey gallery come from Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Click on the pictures below to go see more horrific portraits of the King of Crime menacing all kinds of femme fatales in various states of undress from all over the world!

From Hell with Love! Just one of the many covers from South of the Border! See more here!

Dig that crazy flower loin cloth! One of the new covers posted from the Turkish edition. Turkey went so crazy over the character they made 11 films about the Diabolikal One! See more of these Turkish Delights here!

16 December 2006

New Crime Spree! FREE SADISTIK 2 Download and Save $2 off the book!

LOOK OUT!! The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal is on the loose again! SADISTIK 2: The Drug Bomb! concerns the heist of a new experimental super-heroin and the extremes that the mob, the KGB, the police, larcenous lesbians and Sadistik will go to get their hands on it! The body count rises as things twist and turn in this incredible photo novel! Also includes actors gallery bio of Sadistik director Rosario Borelli, article on photo and comic pin-ups and pictorial of actress Rosalba Neri.

SADISTIK #2: The Drug Bomb! is a 192 page graphic photo novel in digest format with a $9.99 cover price. Download a FREE 21 page preview of this epic or just go ahead and BUY the thing! Save $2 off the cover price if you order before January 31st! Book ships first week of January. Discounts available for Retailers.

09 December 2006

Advance Limited Edition DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Movie Posters

Advance Limited Edition DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL Movie Posters on Sale!

Direct from Italy! Some teasing glimpses of the fun to come with the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production for 2007 release. Director SS-Sunda has crafted these four cards in the spirit of the old movie lobby cards, a promotional tool back in the era of the King of Crime's prime! Rare art & photos from foreign editions highlights these pieces along with a recent picture of the actors interviewed, like Erna Schurer (who also appeared in the films Ivana aka Blood Castle aka
Scream of the Demon Lover and Strip Nude for Your Killer) and Rico Boido (from Danger: Diabolik and Super Fly TNT)! The documentary finally reveals the series best kept secret... who actually portrayed The Crime Genius in the photo novels? One of the cards shows the moment of truth: The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal about to unmask!

4 Different Lobby cards for only $9.99 (plus s&h) until January 15th!

You get a set of four different lobby cards, as seen above, which are beautiful 11" x 17" fiery prints on 100 lb cardstock, each showcasing a different actor. A cool limited edition series for the all-around horror fan! For order information go to goSADISTIK.com!

08 December 2006

Exclusive Pix! How to Make a MONSTER (Outfit)!

Here, as an exclusive to the friends of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal, are behind the scenes photos of the careful re-creation of the Suit of Death! The outfit is being constructed with lethal detail for the upcoming Diabolikal Super-Kriminal documentary currently in production in Italy. (Disguised as a production assistant, I managed to retrieve these photos from the digital camera of director SS-Sunda.)