29 December 2006

From Hell with Love! Weird new Spanish & Turkish Covers Posted!

The goSADISTIK.com website is always growing, with strange images of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal popping up from all the corners of this cursed Earth and then posted on it!

The latest additions to the gorey gallery come from Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Click on the pictures below to go see more horrific portraits of the King of Crime menacing all kinds of femme fatales in various states of undress from all over the world!

From Hell with Love! Just one of the many covers from South of the Border! See more here!

Dig that crazy flower loin cloth! One of the new covers posted from the Turkish edition. Turkey went so crazy over the character they made 11 films about the Diabolikal One! See more of these Turkish Delights here!

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