09 April 2009

K is for KILLING! 3 FREE FUMETTI FILMS in Rome Apr 15!

The DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary about the history of SADISTIK headlines a free screening of films based on the dark comics of the 1960s on April 15th near the historic Trevi Fountain!

There will also be a panel about the comics-film connection moderated by Stefano Coccia and Pierpaolo De Sanctis with actors from the SADISTIK photo comics including Aldo Agliata (SADISTIK himself!), Giancarlo Borrelli son of SADISTIK director Rosario Borelli), Corrado Farina (director of BABA YAGA), Vito "Italiano Tarzano" Fornari, Gabriella Giorgelli, Piero Vivarelli (director of MISTER X and SATANIK).

(The following is translated from the Italian promotion. To read in Italian click HERE)

The principal heroes in tights of the 1960s have often passed from the monochromatic world of the nero fumetto (noir comics) to the multi-colored film screen, by masters like Mario Bava, whose Danger: Diabolik is a celebration of conceptual Pop Art, or from inventive filmmakers like Umberto Lenzi (Kriminal), Fernando Cerchio (Il marchio di Kriminal) or Piero Vivarelli (Satanik). The sadism of these prototypes is followed by the eroticism of the later 60s: from the joyful pacifism of Barbarella, carried to the screens by Roger Vadim in 1967, to the more morbid and spicy Isabella, shot by Sergio Corbucci in 1969. But the story of the Italian exchanges between cinema and comics, in big part, is still to be written, investigating the syntactic connections in the second half of the sixties, crossing transversally psychedelia, exoticism, technological fascination, psychoanalysis, feminism and aesthetic sadism. Those films include the imaginative kitsch of improbable heroes masked like Superargo, Fenomenal, Flashman or Fantabulous, which serve a special function.

In order to try to define the transition of these media hybrids, particularly the most wicked one of all, SADISTIK (known in Italy as Killing), exists the documentary of SS-Sunda. His film THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL, researches not only the origin of the photo comic directed by the actor Rosary Borelli, but interviews the actors almost forty year later (from the actresses Erna Shurer and Gabriella Giorgelli, well-known for their film roles, to actor who portrayed Killing, revealing his true identity at the end), and reconsts the historical and cultural context of its origins, including interviews with expert comics connoisseurs like Roman Scavolini and Corrado Farina. It is not accidental that the before the screening of SS-Sunda's documentary is the second film of Farina, Baba Yaga, adapted from the Valentina comic of Guido Crepax, which challenged the sexual taboos of the period. And to represent the world of the neri cinefumetti (noir comic films) in which THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL lurks, comes Mister X by Piero Vivarelli, one of the darker and nihilistic titles of the vein. Program curated by Stefano Coccia and Pierpaolo De Sanctis

The films will be screened Wednesday, 15 APRIL, 2009 at CINETECA NAZIONALE - CINEMA TREVI, Vicolo del Puttarello, 25 (zona Fontana di Trevi) Roma
tel. 06.6781206, salatrevi@fondazionecsc.it

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