16 December 2006

New Crime Spree! FREE SADISTIK 2 Download and Save $2 off the book!

LOOK OUT!! The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal is on the loose again! SADISTIK 2: The Drug Bomb! concerns the heist of a new experimental super-heroin and the extremes that the mob, the KGB, the police, larcenous lesbians and Sadistik will go to get their hands on it! The body count rises as things twist and turn in this incredible photo novel! Also includes actors gallery bio of Sadistik director Rosario Borelli, article on photo and comic pin-ups and pictorial of actress Rosalba Neri.

SADISTIK #2: The Drug Bomb! is a 192 page graphic photo novel in digest format with a $9.99 cover price. Download a FREE 21 page preview of this epic or just go ahead and BUY the thing! Save $2 off the cover price if you order before January 31st! Book ships first week of January. Discounts available for Retailers.

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