18 August 2006


As evidenced in the upcoming KILLING TIME magazine, the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal cut quite a swath through Argentina as KILING. He's such a cultural icon he still pops up here and there, and isn't it inevitable that the King of Crime would meet up with the Queen of Kink?!

This incredible art comes from the hand of Buenos Aires artist Sol Rac and more of his cool posters, featuring masked wrestlers, glamour gals, monsters and hot rods can be seen at Sol's MySpace page.

SADISTIK, in his many incarnations, has shown up in the weirdest places... from record covers to, yes, fine art! His smiling face does something to people and as he becomes more infamous in the English-speaking world, he's inspiring more artists to interpret him. Look forward to seeing more new art of the Crime Genius posted here and in our magazines. And, if you have some diabolikal art to share, send a link!

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