08 July 2006

More SADISTIK Actor Pages Added!

Some of the most viewed pages on the goSADISTIK website are in the Actors' Gallery... and not just because of the saucy vintage pin-ups! Most of the actors in the SADISTIK photo novels were veterans of the European film world, working with internationally famous directors and stars and acting in many classics and cult favorites.

The three new actors just added to the site are ones who had very interesting careers and though you may not have heard of them, you have most likely seen many of the films they appeared in.

Erno Crisa may not be a familiar name, but you're aware of (or even seen) many films he has been in and if he hadn't had an untimely death at a young age, he probably would've become a bigger international star. Despite his short life, he was in over 50 films and in many issues of SADISTIK. He worked with such directors as Vittorio De Sica and René Clément and co-starred with Gina Lollobrigida, Marcello Mastroianni and Michèle Mercier. He was in the well-regarded Purple Noon (later remade as The Talented Mr. Ripley with Matt Damon) and portrayed the title character in the very first adaptation of the controversial Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Mary Arden was a model and actress who was threatened by the The King of Crime in many issues and covers to boot. Though she had a short film career, she made an impression in the seminal Blood and Black Lace from director Mario Bava. She was also in a film based on another comic book anti-hero, Kriminal, by director Umberto Lenzi. Mary can still be frequently seen on TV and magazines in her long-time capacity as a corporate image consultant.

The third personality added to the Actors Gallery had about as many names as films he appeared in, Giovanni Di Benedetto. He had so many aliases even imdb.com can't keep up with his credits. This gentleman has been in film and TV for over 50 years and is still at it! Some of the talent he has been associated with includes Kirk Douglas (in Ulysses), Mario Bava, Roger Vadim, Anthony Quinn, Jack Palance, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey, Jr. and even our own lovely Luciana Paoli! Perhaps most wild is that he was in the trilogy of classic terror films by Dario Argento starting with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. He is also scheduled to appear in the SADISTIK documentary The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal to talk about his photo novel roles.

If you a film buff, you must check out the SADISTIK Actors Gallery. Besides photos, pin-ups and rare international movie posters, the articles will give you a flavor of the world film scene over the last half century along with filmographies and exclusive information culled from The Imperceptible One's files. After you get a thirst for these films, sate it with our links to purchase them on DVD and video. And soon, we will be posting current interviews with the actors reflecting on their days in the throes of the King of Crime. Plus, in answer to the many fans who have been demanding MORE Luciana Paoli pix, your wish will be fulfilled in the near future with more pin-ups from her film Casanova '70 with Marcello Mastroianni and revealing shots from her forays in non-SADISTIK photo novels.

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