30 June 2006

POW-POW-PAOLI! Fireworks Start Early with New Luciana Paoli Pin-Ups!

Fans of luscious Luciana Paoli, who played the lover and partner-in-crime of the King of Crime in the SADISTIK chronicles, will be happy to hear we've posted a virtual Lucianapalooza (not to be confused with Bond girl Luciana Paluzzi) of her pin-ups on our site.
Luciana appeared in many magazine photo spreads and some incredibly odd films but she is most dear to many as Dana, the inseparable companion to the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal. On the Luciana Paoli Actors Gallery, we have just posted some new inspiring images of the Queen of Crime. See rare photos of Luciana from American and Italian pin-up magazines, films and her role as another sidekick, Eva, in the Lord X photo novel.

In the next few weeks we will be posting some more saucy pin ups of Luciana from the film Casanova '70 she did with Marcello Mastroianni, and pictures from another photo novel series she was in, the 007-ish James Bix!

While the new documentary (see below) will shed light on long kept secrets about the Imperceptible One, the biggest mysteries left is... Whatever became of Luciana Paoli? Despite some incredible detective work, the director of the documentary has found no trace of her. If anybody has any leads on Luciana or her kin, please contact us!


roberto said...

cool photos
just put your link in my page and a short notice of it.
see you

Anonymous said...

me envio roberto

Anonymous said...

Mort: tell me where to find the magnifying glass to see the so small photos of Miss Paoli.

theo vannes said...

send me Roberto (http://elefantes_rosas.blogia.com/2006/070201-para-saber-mas-de-kiling....php#comentarios)

roberto said...

looks that I am doing my job sending you people, Mort =)

The funny thing on all this is that, since nobody knows anything aobut these guys, the search is paritcularly intersting.. we are into virgin territory, as were the original guys of comic fandom (to name one example)
So, 30 years from now , we are going to be a cranky bunch of guys who will sleep under his millonaire photo novels and will says that this stuff were best than anything, even the things that we did as profesionals =)