14 October 2006

FREE 11 Page Full Color Preview of new Beware: SADISTIK 1

Too late! You looked! Now you are a material witness, if not accessory after to fact to the criminal exploits of SADISTIK! The only thing you can do now if find out the full story by getting the FREE PREVIEW of the very first issue of Beware: SADISTIK! This 52 page full color comic digest stars the King of Crime in his first all-new adventure in 20 years!

The new 18 page lead story is based on the opening teaser sequence from the TV pilot script with SADISTIK is in East Berlin to steal an object of value from a degenerate Communist General. The TV series, like the comic, will be very true to the original photo novels and set in 1966. The rest of the book is rounded out with two comic strip adventures of the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal from the 1970s, in English and color for the first time.

For more detailed background on the comic book, go to our earlier Mask of Death post.

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For a FREE Full Color Preview download of the comic, go to goSADISTIK.com. If you order this comic before midnight on Halloween, you'll get $2 off the $7.99 cover price and pay only $5.99 (plus s&h). Order through PayPal at goSADISTIK.com!


Anonymous said...

pedazo de chanta y killing time ¿para cuando?

Diabolikal Super Kriminal said...


Anonymous said...

el dia de los muertos me voy a poner la mascara de calavera come sadistik!

el mito de KILING no se puede parar...

Anonymous said...

que miedito!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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roberto said...


Mort: as you can see i just anoounced that KT nº1 will be online on Day of the Dead.

If there are a delay please send me an e mail =)