17 October 2008

New Graphic Novel DEATH DIAMONDS with Raquel Welch '66 Pin Ups!


The NEW Diabolikal Super-Kriminal Photo Novel!

A cache of hot sparklers triggers a bloodbath when the tenacious King of Crime plots to purloin them from a cadre of gangsters, hoodlums and scheming vixens!

And how are the Monte Carlo police able to track the every move of the Monster with 1000 Masks? A movie length photo novel with primal terror, murder, sex, and vicious duplicity!

Also includes articles on the history of the SADISTIK photo novels, behind the scenes info, and a vintage piece on Raquel Welch 1,966 A.D with pin-ups!.

SADISTIK 3: DEATH DIAMONDS! is an 176 page graphic novel digest with a $9.99 cover price. CLICK HERE to order! To Download FREE 16 Page PDF SNEAK PEEK CLICK HERE!

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