02 February 2007

Diabolikal Super Tribute Art from Around the World!

Though an underground cult character in America, the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal has been around for 40 years and adulated internationally! Primarily a photo novel star, he appeared in two illustrated adventures in Argentina in the 1970s and recently in the American comic book Beware: SADISTIK! Scheduled for this summer is an awesome new collection of comics stories and pin-ups tentatively titled CRIMES OF SADISTIK! An incredible roster of artists from all over the world are contributing their interpretations of the King of Crime, some well-known and some future superstars! Over the coming months we'll give some teasing glimpses at the art as it comes in. We just can't hold back such powerful material!

First up is some great art done by Friends met through the medium of MySpace! You can click on the image to go to their pages and see more of their fantastic graphics!

In France the Imperceptible One is known as SATANIK and this tripped out masterpiece is by *SPIDER ROCKET*:

The Crime Genius is feared as KILING in Argentina where SOL RAC crafted this retro fantasy that works on so many levels:

If you end up adding these wild artistes as Friends, tell 'em the Diabolikal Super-Kriminal sent you!

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