28 July 2009

SADISTIK Action Figure Premieres at San Diego Con!

A sinister shadow fell over the 2009 San Diego Comic Convention when SADISTIK made his presence known with a double whammy!

Not only did THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL documentary film directed by SS-Sunda make its US premiere to much acclaim, the SADISTIK action figure prototype made its debut and generated much excitement!

Here, revealed for the first time to the public, are images of the evil action figure, a 12" 1/6 scale incarnation of the King of Crime to be manufactured exclusively by Executive Replicas!

The Diabolikal One joins a parade of other licensed quality figures from the company, joining the ranks of Boris Karloff, Night of the Living Dead, Bettie Page and other fine action figures from Executive Replicas.

The Sadistik figure was on display, seen by hundreds of thousands of eyes belonging to convention attendees, in a glass case alongside such other luminaries as The Shadow, Buck Rogers and Bat Boy! Yes, Bat Boy!

Executive Replicas
will release the criminal collectibles as variant international editions, each in individual packaging and unique weapons, including SADISTIK, KILLING (Italian), SATANIK (French), KILING (Spanish) and the infamous KiLiNK (Turkish).

Stay on your guard and be aware... The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal international action figures will soon strike when you least expect it!

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