06 August 2010

Sadistik Doc Film Now on DVD with Satanik!

The outrageous documentary THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL has been released on DVD in Italy packaged with the cult film classic SATANIK!

Just released on the Cinekult series from CG Home Video, this double DVD set stars two of Italy's wildest super-criminals in wild action! THE DIABOLIKAL SUPER-KRIMINAL is directed by SS-Sunda and covers the controversial history of the Sadistik photo comics, interviewing the actors from the series along with filmmakers, comic book creators and cultural critics on the impact of the King of Crime!

Satanik (1968) is based on the Bunker/Magnus comic about a withered old hag who turns into a beautiful young woman after drinking a formula... beautiful but evil! The film, directed by Piero Vivarelli is infamous for the Diabolik-inspired strip tease performed by star Magda Konopka.

Extras include interviews with Piero Vivarelli, Lamberto Bava, Corrado Farina, Moreno Burattini, Luigi Corteggi, Maurizio Colombo, trailers, international poster gallery and the "Beware: Sadistik!" Music Video in high resolution. The DVDs are in PAL format and in Italian without English subtitles but this is the only way to see the film until an English NTSC DVD deal is negotiated and released.

The DVD set is available through many distributors at assorted prices, but here is ordering information from Bloodbuster (and here is the page in broken English).

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