07 February 2011

Support the SADISTIK Strip & Kill Animated Series and get Rewarded!

As many may know, Mort Todd has been developing a wild animated series based on SADISTIK, the Diabolikal Super Kriminal! Now production has begun and YOU can be involved and get rewarded!

Working with Kickstarter, Mort's company Comicfix is raising funds and if you pledge as little as $1, you get something out of it; from copies of the screenplay, comics, DVDs and original art to Executive Producer credit! Payments are handled through Amazon, so even though you're dealing with a Super-Kriminal, you know it's super legit!

Watch the animation teaser and Mort Todd's discussion of the series at Kickstarter and donate if you can. If you can't, tell your millionaire friends about it!

Perhaps most exciting is the personality who has agreed to portray the voice of Sadistik... In the weeks to come his identity will be revealed, but for now we can say it is an internationally known pop star that has the necessary raw power to play the role!

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