13 May 2007

10% OFF Cult Turkish DVDs: KiLiNK, evil Spider-Man, Turkey Superman

As you no doubt know, in Turkey I was a major movie star under the name KiLiNK! You can read more about my 11 amazing films on my KiLiNK page at goSADISTIK.com! These films were long considered lost, and most still are!

Fortunately, ONAR FILMS has reconstructed the first three films on DVD. Here's a clip from KiLiNK: STRIP & KILL

You can see more KiLiNK Klips at my KiLiNK page!

But ONAR is not just about, KiLiNK! If you've checked out the video mini-history of Turkish films on my blog then you're aware of how outrageous Turkish films of the 1960s and 70s are... and Onar's got them! Here's a clip from 3 Dev Adam, a Turkish film starring the Mexican El Santo teamed up with the American Captain America against an evil Spider-Man!

How about a black-suited Superman in Iron Fist The Giants are Coming?! Dig that crazy rock 'n' roll soundtrack!

There're also other far-out flicks with masked men, madmen, monsters and Tarzan! But the best thing about all these super-rare cult classics is that if you order directly from ONAR FILMS and mention SADISTIK you can take 10% off your bill! These DVDs also have English subtitles and amazing extras. They are PAL disks so your DVD has to play that format and will play on most computers.

This is your chance to get some completely weird films from an alternate reality that will really flip you out!

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