04 May 2007

Satanik "Diabolik" Striptease!

Though in France I am known as SATANIK, there is an Italian female comic book character with the same name (in France she is known as Demoniak). She was an ugly chick who takes a potion to become beautiful... and evil!

Read more about Euro Super-Kriminals by clicking on the image above!

In 1968 an Italian movie was made about her, with the beautiful Magda Konopka as Satanik. As a horror movie it is sometimes weak but to spice up box office they added a "Diabolik" element to the film and the movie posters. As seen in the clip below, Magda does a striptease in a Diabolik-inspired outfit.

The movie is worth watching and has a great soundtrack. To buy the DVD or Soundtrack, click on their respective images below!



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ziritt said...

She is hot!